Our LiveStats package will allow you to see all Visitor Traffic to your website in great detail. Not only the number of visitors, but every aspect of their visit including, which pages they visited, how they arrived, their geographical location and ip address.

As the stats are in Real Time, you can monitor them at specific times, such as after an mailout or when an advertisment has gone live (Google Analytics has a delay of several hours).

One of the most useful features is the ability to see what phrases the visitor used in Seach Engines to arrive at yout site. This will greatly help your Seach Engine Optimisation and tell you which phrases are doing well and perhaps more importantly which phrases are not doing so well

You can monitor the stats over time by viewing the traffic graphs by day, week or month so you can quickly see upward or downward trends of specific data such as overall visits, search engine visits, or visits from a specific country.

Detailed reports can also be emailed to you at regular times, with all of the same information that can be found in the online report.

LiveStats is one of the most powerful and detailed stats packages around, and is a vital tool in your websites success.

LiveStats Screenshots

Overview page

Visitors by Search Engine page

Geographic Location page



  • Edit your own content
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Preview content before going live
  • Upload images and documents
  • Add or remove pages
  • Word processor like interface
  • Edit your site from anywhere in the World
  • Instant live site updates
  • No html knowledge needed
  • All pages are Accessible and Search Engine Friendly
  • Contact Forms


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Secure Shopping Cart
  • Catalogue
  • News Feed
  • Multiple Admin Logins
  • Members Only Areas
  • Site Search
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Flash Movies
  • Custom Design Templates

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